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No Primer Stainless Steel 2K Polyurethane Paint For Alloy Metal

No Primer Stainless Steel 2K Polyurethane Paint For Alloy Metal

Roch RC-S series auto refinishes is considered by many leading domestic and foreign carmakers for its excellent color matching through the Color Bank System. Roch is committed to achieving full customer satisfaction through establishing a separate plant and technical center as well as...

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Product Details

Jinwei two components acrylic polyurethane for anticorrosive, Heat & Wear Resistant, Food Safe, Easy to Apply and no primer required.It f provides optimum weather, abrasion, and corrosion-resistance in general maintenance applications. The easy to apply system yields a hard, non-toxic, metallic finish that protects a multitude of metallic and non-metallic surfaces from ultraviolet rays, chemicals, oils, alkalis, food acids, water immersion, abrasion, and high-pressure washdowns.

protect metal and alloy from

  • Severe atmospheric environments

  • Abrasion and impact

  • Water (fresh and salt)


Specific Gravity





Acrylic resin, CAB, pigment, solvents, addition agents


All kinds of colors. For detailed information please refer to Roch® Tinters in the catalog

Mix Ratio 

(by volume)

2K paint: 2 part

Hardener:1 part

Thinner(RC-X110, RC-X111, RC-X112): 0.3~0.5 parts

Pot Life48 hours@20℃

Spray Gun & 

Air Pressure

2-3 single coating to coverage (volatilization time of each layer: 15-20 minutes)
Drying TimeClearcoat can be sprayed within 15 minutes to 5 hours

Before spray: P600-800 by dry sanding

After spray: P1000 by wet sanding

SubstrateOEM paint, Roch® brand primer surfacer



Thermal plasticity acrylic paint or alloy base coat


1L x 12 tins/ctn, 4L x 4 tins/ctn

Shelf Life

5 years


  • Structural steel, food processing and packaging equipment

  • Industrial equipment metal parts, air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, etc.

  • Maintenance of trucks, auto parts, trailers

  • Bridges, tanks, towers

recommended spreading rate per coat

Wet mils (microns) Minimum 4.5 (112) Maximum 8.0 (200) 

Dry mils (microns) Minimum 3.0 (75)  Maximum 5.0 (125) 

Coverage sq ft/gal (m2 /L) 208 (5.1) 347 (8.5) 

Theoretical coverage sq ft/gal (m2 /L) @ 1 mil / 25 microns dft 1040 (25.5) 

NOTE: Brush or roll application may require multiple coats to achieve maximum fi lm thickness and uniformity of appearance

surface preparation

Surface must be clean, dry, and in sound condition.
Remove all oil, dust, grease, dirt, loose rust, and other foreign material to ensure adequate adhesion. Refer to product Application Bulletin for detailed surface preparation information. 

Minimum recommended surface preparation: * Iron & Steel: SSPC-SP6/NACE 3, 2 mil (50 micron) profi le * Aluminum: SSPC-SP1 * Galvanizing: SSPC-SP1 * Concrete & Masonry: SSPC-SP13/NACE 6, or ICRI No. 310.2R, CSP 1-3 * Primer Required


120°F (49°C) maximum (air, surface, and material) 

 At least 5°F (2.8°C) above dew point 

Relative humidity: 85% maximum



Jinwei Refinish supplies high quality car paint colour mixing system ranging from LOW VOC, High solid Low viscosity Tinting System, conventional acrylic systems to accessory products such as primers, surfacers, base coat, top-coat, clear coat,  hardener, thinner, and ancillary materials etc., We are able to provide more competitive and cost effective color mixing system than comparable systems on the market.


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performance tips

Stripe coat all crevices, welds, and sharp angles to prevent early failure in these areas.
When using spray application, use a 50% overlap with each pass of the gun to avoid holidays, bare areas, and pinholes. If necessary, cross spray at a right angle. Spreading rates are calculated on volume solids and do not include an application loss factor due to surface profi le, roughness or porosity of the surface, skill and technique of the applicator, method of application, various surface irregularities, material lost during mixing, spillage, overthinning, climatic conditions, and excessive fi lm build.
Excessive reduction of material can aff ect fi lm build, appearance, and adhesion. Do not apply the material beyond recommended pot life. Do not mix previously catalyzed material with new. In order to avoid blockage of spray equipment, clean equipment before use or before periods of extended downtime with Reducer #58. Mixed coating is sensitive to water. Use water traps in all air lines. Moisture contact can reduce pot life and aff ect gloss and color.

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