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Industrial coatings are thin films deposited upon materials to add or enhance desired properties, such as color, conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc.

Jinwei Chemical Co.,ltd.mainly produce and develop industrial coating comprised of fluorocarbon paint and Epoxy paint for metal protection.

The features of all kinds of Jinwei industrial coating systems with our anti-corrosion, protection and function meet the regulations in the different industries and requirements of different customers' projects. our protective paint products with the advantages in performance and cost have passed the certification by classification societies, and are applied in power generation, offshore facilities, environment facilities, port machinery, engineering machinery, cranes, bridges, steel construction, oil tanks, pipes, and steel workshop, etc. 

 Customized designs play an important role in industrial protective coating system, which must abide customers' different project conditions and industrial requirements to ensure the engineering projects being successful. Before design the coating system, comprehending and satisfy ingcustomers’ demands in details are critial and necessary for customers'optimized solutions with economical & reliable coating.

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Protective Paint Products

Type NamePackage Size
Oil-resistant & Antistatic PrimerEpoxy Antistatic & Anti-corrosive Primer24 Kg/set
Underwater Solidification PaintEpoxy Underwater Solidification Paint20 Kg/set
Polyurethane FinishPolyurethane 19.5 Kg/set

Polyurethane 20 Kg/set

Self-cleaning Polyurethane Finish22 Kg/set
Fluorocarbon PaintFluoro-resin 19.5 Kg/set