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Basic Knowledge about Top coat for auto paint part.1.
- Apr 04, 2018 -

polyacrylics  are used in the automotive industry especially in topcoats, which is the result of the outstanding gloss retention and excellent UV and chemical resistance of these materials. At the same time, thev components used to manufacture this polymer class permit excellent management

of the property profiles of the coatings to meet the very rigorous demands in visual terms (gloss, haze), in combination with mechanical properties such as resistance to stone chipping and scratching. In addition, however, polyacrylics are also used in functional layers such as primer surfacers or as additives.

However, the dominant polymer class in the functional layers, for example, the primer surfacer, is made up of polyurethane-based resins. They produce very good physical drying properties in the coating materials, have excellent pigment wetting properties [5, 6], exhibit better resistance to chemicals than polyesters, and provide coatings with a very broad portfolio of mechanical properties since they can generate substructures by means of phase formation.

Polyurethane microgels are also of interest from the viewpoint of controlling the rheological properties of coating materials.