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Common sense of Car Paint
- Jan 29, 2018 -

        Car paint is generally a baking paint. Inside the car manufacturing plant, after welding frame and  car shell, painting will be the next process. 


        In general, the first step is covering primer, people will put the car shell immersed in syrup-like paint tank to cover the primer, then remove and drying primer layer; Secondly, put them into the dust-free workshop, spray the basecoot topcoat with a temperature of about 200 ℃ drying. In this way, the paint process is done. 


        There are several types of paint like solid color paint, metallic paint, pearl paint etc. The bases of solid color is Resin, Pigment and Additives. Metallic paint like Silver Paint looks very bright because it contains Aluminum Powder. Pearl Paint, which is added the mica tablets --- mica tablets is a kind of very thin piece.  Therefore, the reflection of the color is regular and leads to a colorful effect. If there is clear coat on the metallic paint film, the car paint will looks very bright and beautiful. 


        In common, the White color is undoubtedly the cheapest one in all solid color paint. For example, the world-class brand of red pigment price is about 25 times more expensive than  titanium dioxide while the amount of white pigment is about 5 times more than the red pigment. So, the cost of red color paint is 5 times higher than white paint. That is why some car colors are so simple and less choice. Because it will save the cost. 

        No matter what color the paint is, it's pigments will fade under the sun after a long time. In fact, not only paint, any colored object may fade under the sun's exposure. In the same time, some paint additives like light stabilizers and antioxidants will show it's importance. But good quality additives which price is very expensive. Most of the time, the quality of the additive determines the effect of the paint. People would surely think that some kind of paint who fades obviously within two years is worse than the paint who bright as new for five years. But in fact, there is no paint that always shine.

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        In fact, Jinwei Chemical is concerned about to make the paint with Stable Quality, good Weatherability, Excellent anti-UV ability and show freshness of the color. We are trying our best to provide best quality automotive paint and perfectly service, we aim to be the No.1 car paint manafacturer in China!