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Performance comparison between Polyurethane and N.C for automotive refinish
- Apr 21, 2018 -

Performance Comparison

PropertiesNitro Cellulose SystemJinwei Chemical
1Drying time
Dust free5 minutes15 minutes
Dry to assemble6-9 Hours8 hours
2Initial GlossLowBrilliant
3Rubbing with abrasive pasteRequiredNot required
RequiredNot required
5Gloss retention

Require periodical abrasive 


Excellent and only regular wash 


6Coating thickness(excluding putty)
100-120 microns150 microns
7Paint film stability
reduction on each polishingno reduction in film thickness
8Color fidelity
Poor,Dulls on agingExcellent,non fading for years
9Corrosion ResistancePoorExcellent
10Oil/Petrol/Diesel ResistancePoorvery good
11Availability of colors40-60 shadesmore than 20,000
12Life Span(Durability)2 years5 years
13Processing time for top coat2 days4-5 hours
14Maintenance costHigh and frequent0 and stay unaffected for years