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Sand old Paint Film of The Car Body
- Jan 15, 2018 -

1.Degrease, Clean


After repairing the work piece by the metal plate, rinse, degrease and clean the location to be repaired.

2.Evaluate the extent of damage

(1)Visual Assessment

Check fluorescent reflection on the panel to evaluate the extent of damage and the size of the affected area.


(2)Touch Assessment

Put on gloves (cotton), touch the damaged area, but do not push, and feel with the palms of your hands.


(3)Ruler assessment

Put the ruler on the damaged area and estimate the crack.


3.Sand the old paint film

Use # P80-180 abrasive paper to sand the place where repaired by the metal plate or filled by the polyester putty. (If necessary, get rid of the existing paint which is too thick or with other problems) Naked eyes can't tell all crack caused by collision.

After sanding, the area should be:

(1)Bright and smooth


(3)No residue

(4)Round or oval


4.Sand for a feather edge

Sand the edge of the damaged area for a feather edge.


Sander should touch the plate first before starting up.

Otherwise, a deep crack will be formed on the plate. Don't put the sander on one place too long, or the plate will be distorted because of overheating.



5.Clean and degrease

(1)Clean (use high-pressure air spray gun).

(2)Degrease (before degreaser is drying out, use a wet cloth first, then use a dry cloth to clean).



6.Apply Primer (Epoxy primer)

Apply primer in the exposed metal area to prevent rusting and enhance the adhesion power. To reach the effect, we need to:

(1)Cover the exposed metal area.

(2)Mix in accordance with the instruction.

(3)Spray for a coat 3-5 um.

(4)Wait 10 minutes in room temperature.

(5)Get rid of the masking pieces.


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