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The manufacturing procedure of auto paint
- Mar 28, 2018 -

1.Raw material: Resin, pigment and additive agents are generally major components of car paint.

2.Mixing: Resin, pigment and solvent are mixed to produce an even mill base.

3.Milling: Mill base produced at the pre-mixing process is sent to the disperser to finely disperse

the pigment particles.

4. Blending: Resin, additive agents and so on are added to the mill base, the dispersion of which is completed.Also, the color phase is adjusted with color materials.

5. Filtering: Blended and toned paint is filtrated.

6. Packing: Filtrated paint is packed into a container.

Remark: Raw material supplies of Jinwei chemical include BASF/EASTMAN/BYK/CIBA/BAYER