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Effect Of Color Of Waterproof Coating On Waterproof Performance
- Apr 10, 2017 -

In fact, waterproof is the ability to adjust color, but the color is not waterproof. That why in recent years home decoration companies have adopted color waterproof that is because the home decoration enterprise has a characteristic, the site many, the supervision is very difficult, the original color is gray, the painting up time, many construction personnel will leak brush, less brush, the manager can not see, customers do not know, in view of this, now add color, brush, twice, three times a glance, if someone has a lot of water, it can be seen at once. The first is to regulate, the second to make the customer feel. and the color in the physical function and the psychological function is very different, the physical function is not, the psychological function is some, in the customer's supervision, management plays a role, home decoration company is very big purpose also is marketing, when you are very beautiful waterproof do come out, the customer is very satisfied, think you this covert project to do very good, in the marketing also play a very big role.