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Four Criteria For Selecting Paint
- Apr 10, 2017 -

First: The paint's hiding power is better: the paint has ultra strong hiding power, mainly embodied in the walls of the substrate cracks on the cover. Because if the paint is inferior, perhaps after the cracks on brushing, after a long time, the original cracks in the place will again appear cracks, and even possible new cracks. and high-quality paint, the film is dense, can effectively cover the cracks on the wall, so that the entire wall looks like new, no trace of cracks. Second: The environmental protection of the paint is better: With China's environmental labeling products certified paint, are high-quality environmental protection. China Environmental labeling Product certification is what we usually say "ten rings" certification, is China's highest level, the most authoritative environmental protection certification. Third: The permeability of paint is better: high-quality paint, must have a very good ventilation, it can absorb the moisture in the air, so that the wall is not easy to dew, when the walls of damp, can also effectively release the wall inside moisture, so that the wall is not easy to drum bubble, peeling. Fourth: Paint the scrub resistance is better: high-quality paint easy to scrub and scrub resistance is absolutely very good. Because the ordinary life of the walls will inevitably leave ugly stains, quality paint as long as you use the cloth repeatedly wipe will be able to wipe the stains clean, the walls will not leave any traces of stains.