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How To Maintain White Car Paint?
- Nov 09, 2017 -

Nowadays many people love white car. When you walking on the street, you can see more than 50% white car on the road. So many car owners like to choose WHITE PAINT for their car, cause they feel white paint is fashionable and clean. But the question is, how to maintain white paint? This article will give you a brief introduction.


Firstly, there is one thing owners need to know, car paint is divided into high temperature and low temperature baking paint. The high temperature paint also called original car paint, and the low temperature paint called car refinish paint.

White car paint maintenance

1.Avoid sun exposure

When the weather is hot and the sun light is strong, car owners must avoid their white vehicle exposure under the sun.  Of course, no matter what color, the paint will fade after exposure under the sun for a long time.



2. Waxing & coating

The car paint would yellowing easily without doing maintenace, especially the white car. After a long time, the color will be nonuniform and affecting visual effects. This is the result of oxidation of color paint. So the car owners should choose a way of maintenance like waxing, glazing and coating which can protect the color paint. 

Normally, the protection effect of glaze and coating is better than waxing. But the waxing is more popular because it will cost less. And one thing important, car paint maintenance must be periodic.


3. Refinish the paint film

Paint refinish is also a problem confuse car owners. So it's necessary for the car owners to know about the paint refinish skills. However, due to the high requirements of the paint refinish process, it is not necessary to repaint the car while there is a slight scratch on the paint surface, It can be covered by waxing. If the scratch is serious, we suggest you to choose ROCH brand auto paint system to refinish your car paint. ROCH paint has the advantages of excellent scratch resistant, high gloss, good weather resistance and good hardness etc. which will help your car paint perfectly.

ROCH F_看图王.jpg


The above is the suggestions for car owners to maintain white auto paint, I hope it will be helpful for all car owners.