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Misunderstandings In Spraying Car Paint
- Nov 22, 2017 -

1. Misunderstandings in workshop facility planning

(1) mutual interference between the various processes

    When planning a workshop facility, you must ensure that there is no interference between the individual process flows during the painting process. However, many maintenance companies now have some problems in this area. For example, in cold weather, many repair workers move the sanding process to the paint booth in order to have a warm working environment. As a result, the rubbish produced in the process will affect the spray paint.


    A big company who needs more vehicles to repair, is better to equipped with special grinding room to meet the requirements of the paint repair shop for achieve professional operation. Remove dust and exhaust from a dedicated maintenance workshop, to ensure that the work environment fresh. To improve the quality of spray paint, and to protect the physical and mental health of production staff.

(2) Simple process reduces the quality of maintenance.

    For the lack of economic strength, maintenance enterprise’s workshop facilities can be simple, but can’t at the expense of reducing the quality. Though some companies is not standardized. For example, they using poor quality fluorescent lamps or even incandescent lamps in the painting room, the poor ambient lighting will affect the color mixing process.


2. Wrong steps of ArtificialColor Mixing 

    Mixing Paint process needs to have a correct procedure, to ensure the perfect paint effect. Some painter who responsible for the deployment of car repair topcoats, neither proficient in color theory, nor understand the impact of the surrounding environment on the color. It is difficult to develop a complete color program. For example, some painter have been adjusting the paint strictly in accordance with the procedure during mixing paint, but there is still a certain gap between the paint and sample. So that the refinish paint can not be matched well with the car original paint. In fact, the paint is liquid when the sample is solid, so the paint color should be slightly lighter than the sample color, so that the paint will be the same plate color consistency, otherwise it will be too deep.

psb (1).jpg

    The painter must correctly identify the color. In particular, it is necessary to be able to discern the color of the paint being treated, and also to distinguish the colors of the paint from the heavy colors in this color range, including the darkness or the brightness level, the vividness or the saturation of the color. In the car topcoat toning process, you need to use different spraying methods to adjust the brightness, color and tone, in order to achieve the best color.

    The general procedure for toning is as follows.

      (1) accurately identify the color. First of all, according to the color plate, accurately identify the "hue", "lightness" and "purity" under the standard light conditions, and determine the main color, base color and other necessary color materials.

      (2) the correct choice of color material. According to the requirements of matching color paint type, variety, thinner and auxiliary materials, choose excellent performance and economy of the primary colors ready for use.

      (3) firstly make the sample, then mass run. In the absence of color matching equipment should be adjusted under the premise of sample, pigment ratio obtained by the accuracy of a large number of modulation to reduce the waste to lay the foundation.

      (4) Modulation steps and methods should be based on from the shallower to the deeper, fully mixing, dissolve evenly.