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On The Equilibrium Of The Business And Sale Of Coatings In The New Normal
- Apr 10, 2017 -

In a sense, sales are more decisive in the fate of business than marketing. The reason is simple, the enterprise energy is directly given by the sale-no sales performance to support, enterprises can not earn a satisfactory profit. However, in the author's view, sales performance must be attributed to marketing strategy, marketing is the knowledge of health and culture, coating enterprise marketing strategy to nourish sales performance in China market coatings industry overcapacity, product homogeneity today, marketing strategy is more indispensable. 2015, a haze God paint turned out, under the Chai Jingqiong top of the call, product sales in the industry as a whole decline in the trend of growth momentum. Product positioning, marketing strategic work. In the problem, due to insufficient capacity, poor foundation, the conception is not lofty, the way of lack of novelty. But the problem in sales is arbitrary too strong, lack of strategic planning, quick buck.

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