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Some Points Needing Attention In The Course Of Construction Of Waterproof Coatings
- Apr 10, 2017 -

Stirring: first pour the liquid material into the container, and then add the powder slowly, stirring up to 3-5 minutes to form the raw powder pellet and the homogeneous slurry can be used; (preferably using a blender) brushing: brush or roller brush directly on the base surface, use evenly, not leakage brush; generally brushing 2 times (depending on the use of the requirements), each brushing thickness not exceeding 1mm; Once a slight dry solid after the previous brushing (just not sticky hands, the general interval of 1-2 hours), Two vertical cross-cutting brush, brushing the total thickness of the general 1-2mm; If the coating has been cured, brushing another layer, the first water is moist. Curing: 24 hours after construction, it is recommended that the coating be maintained with a damp cloth covering or spray watering. Protection: After the construction of complete dry solid before please take a prohibition trample, rainwater, exposure, sharp damage and other protection. Check (closed water test): toilet, sink and other parts of the waterproof layer after drying (in summer at least 24 hours, winter at least 48 hours) filled with water for 48 hours to check the waterproof construction is eligible. Light walls are required to be tested for water leaching.