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South Korea Imports US Crude Oil Or Gradually Out Of Middle East Dependence On 41 Years
- Apr 10, 2017 -

According to the South Korean Central Daily reported 10th, local time September 11 early morning, loading 400,000 barrels of U. S. condensate oil tanker will arrive in South Korea full Ronan road Lishui port. South Korea's oil industry is very concerned about it because it is the first time South Korea has been importing crude oil from the United States in the country, or will gradually emerge from its over-reliance on the Middle East. reported that in the Arab countries 1973 to the United States to take the crude oil embargo measures, the U. S. to ensure the stability of domestic energy supply and demand, has been strictly restricting the export of crude oil. But with the "shale gas revolution" outbreak, the U.S. domestic oil supply gradually emerged surplus. The U.S. Department of Commerce said July this year that non-refined oils such as condensate are "commodities" and begin to allow crude oil exports. South Korean experts say the risk of "excessive reliance on the Middle East" could be eased if the channel of condensate imports from the United States could be opened. The "Islamic State" of extremist organizations has led to instability in the Middle East, which has become one of the most disturbing elements affecting oil supply in the Iraqi region.

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