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Waterborne Coatings
- Apr 10, 2017 -

Waterborne coatings refers to the use of water as solvent or as a dispersion medium coating, its environmental protection, safety, simplicity, energy saving and other four characteristics, attracted many coatings production enterprises and consumers eyeball. Therefore, more and more coatings enterprises began to pay attention to water-borne coatings market, in water-based technology development process invested a lot of manpower and financial resources, for the full substitution of oily coatings in the market position, so that more consumers can enjoy a low carbon green and healthy life. In addition to the above, waterborne coatings are widely used in walls, paper, plastics, glass and so on. But for now, many coatings enterprise's product technology performance is increasingly consistent, the enterprise realizes the differentiation strategy is difficult, many enterprises neglect the independent technological innovation. But fortunately, China's coatings agent product market development potential is very large, there is a lot of development space. Enterprises should grasp the technological innovation, so that products in the industry to maintain a leading position, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, increase the economic benefits of enterprises.